About Us

Who we are?

Ten years ago, we launched Uvision Australia with a vision to help create the best opportunities for our clients. Uvision founder’s vision to provide life-changing opportunities through our values is core to our success and culture. Today, we have helped thousands of students reaching their goals and ultimately, their vision. Uvision Australia’s leading reputation succeeds in catering to our customers’ vision. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the education services and continue to be one of the most reputable education and migration offices in Australia.

What’s our secret?

Our expert advisors hold professional degrees & employment experience in backgrounds such as counselling, psychology, migration law, HR and customer service. This combination of services allows us to connect and focus on advancing our students’ education, migration and professional pathways. That means going beyond to offer expert advice and working along together with each student to create a vision for future success. We aim to lead our students from their first free education and/or migration assessment to the end of their professional and/or migration goals.Our innovative customer relationships define Uvision Australia to be built around customer success, from our diverse teams of consultants to our broad network of nationally recognised education partners to help you get the most of your academic and professional experience in Australia. At Uvision Australia, we believe everyone has opportunities to pursue the career of their dreams, this is why we make your vision, our mission!

What’s our Mission?

At Uvision, we understand our clients’ visions are individual. Whether it be exploring, learning or intending to live in Australia the entire process can be demanding, that’s why our step-to-step approach defines how we make our client’s vision, our mission. Migrating to Australia can be both a complicated and time-consuming process. It is our mission to provide a professional service that ensures our clients’ visa applications are processed as smoothly as possible. At Uvision, we strive to be a nationally-recognised, leading Australian Migration practice.

To achieve these, our key objectives include: 

  • Maintaining a reputation for excellence and success with our clients, our partners, the Department of immigration and the Migration review tribunal. 
  • Offering specialised advice by appointing the most suited migration agent/lawyer or Education counsellor to each individual case. We determine this by the visa class, preferred language and complexity of the case. This assures every visa is handled by our most suited consultant. 
  • A commitment to honesty and ethics. With experience in the industry, we firmly believe that honesty, transparency and integrity are fundamental to fulfilling the requirements of our clients, our partners and relevant government bodies.

What’s our Vision?

Uvision Australia seeks to always serve our clients to our fullest potential. We believe our company can be a leader in the Migration and Education industry through demonstrating integrity, quality customer service and a commitment to our clients.
Our vision has always been to expand and grow our knowledge to provide further quality services in return to the commitment of our clients and associates. Currently we work with employment partners to provide job opportunities for our clients, however we have it in our agenda for the near future to be able to offer these services to our clients directly. This will complete the entire cycle of Education (qualification), Employment (experience) and Migration (permanency if a client desires this) to our loyal clients. Growing and expanding has always been in our agenda. We feel we are now fully equipped to take our systems, values, philosophy and brand abroad. This coming financial year will be an exciting one for us, with plans to branch out in major cities such as Medellin & Lima. Our philosophy to provide suitable, flexible and competent pathways that assures our clients take one step further to reach their vision.

How do we assure quality service?

  • Our Service Standards outlines how we will deliver a high level of service excellence. We achieve this by:
  • Adhering to the Code of Conduct provided by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA); 
  • Complying with all applicable Australian laws pertaining to operating as a representative for overseas students studying in Australia, including the National Code of Practice and the ESOS Act 2000.
  • Dealing with our clients in a competent, diligent and fair manner at all times; Continually expanding our professional knowledge of current migration law. 
  • Our clients can be assured that they are being provided with correct and up to date legal advice, we achieve this by: 
  • 1. Our migration team complete continuing and development points (CPD)*; 
  • 2. Interpersonal and professional development programs for our staff; 
  • 3. Attending migration and education seminars, training and workshops; 
  • 4. Maintaining a professional library, including memberships to industry databases and newsletters, allowing us to access current migration legislations, procedures & policies. 
  • Preserving the confidentiality of our clients. 
  • We must never disclose, or allow to be disclosed, confidential information about a client or a client’s business without a written consent, unless required by law; 
  • Always holding Professional Indemnity Insurance for the period that we represent you.

Why do our partners liaise with us?

At Uvision we strive to deliver the highest quality services for our clients, however we find it equally important to deliver a strong, longlasting and loyal relationship with partners who share the same vision and passion as us.

We form strong allies because of the following:

Loyalty – We believe Loyalty can be earned only when we put the welfare of our customers and partners ahead of our own self-serving interests. We believe in 6 bedrock principles of loyalty upon our operation:

  • 1. Play to win/win: We don’t want to profit at the expense of our partners. It’s a shortcut to a dead end.
  • 2. Pickiness: Partnerships must be a privilege.
  • 3. Keep it simple: Complication is the enemy of speed and responsiveness.
  • 4. Reward the right results: Worthy partners deserve well-compensated goals.
  • 5. Listen hard, talk straight: we insist on an honest, two-way communication and learning.
  • 6. Preach what we practice: we explain our principles and then live by them.

Our in-house system – One of the foundation of our organisation is a well documented and comprehensive workplace policies and procedures. These are properly implemented, updated and monitored. All employees must understand our vision, passion and goals so we can achieve them together as a team.

We believe our employees are our best assets – we invest a minimum of 2% of our payroll towards employee training and development each financial year. Employees may receive basic literacy training, interpersonal skills training, technical training, problem-solving training and diversity or sensitivity training. Each type of training targets a different facet of our organisation’s overall culture and performance. 

Our Diversity – we believe that equality is fundamental. It is not about the business defining the individual, but much more about the individual defining the business. Being able to diversify in gender, age and/or ethnicity, allow us to win top talent and improve our customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision-making 

Our Customer management – We have invested in our own personalised CRM (Customer Relationship management) to offer more value to our clients. We believe this is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with our customers and business partners. It’s not only pure business but also ideates a strong personal bonding within people. Development of this type of bonding drives the business to new levels of success. 

Our extensive list of free services and support – It is not all about money for us. We try to offer as much services free of charge as we understand the international student life it’s not always easy. We concentrate on the satisfaction and commitment of our clients first to be able to become leaders in our industry.

Our cores values – Values are how we hire, how employees adapt behaviour and the heart of our culture.

These are:

  • 1. Passion – For what we do, for how we go about it and for what we can achieve.
  • 2. Purpose & Growth – our foundation is built on our purpose and provides a place for our team’s passion
  • 3. Client Focus – a razor-sharp focus on our customer’s growth is essential and the only way to succeed.
  • 4. Integrity – Guides our conduct and makes us proud of whom we are.
  • 5. Professionalism – to be professional in our actions to our clients, partners and each other.
  • 6. Excellence – to continually pursue knowledge and learn.
  • 7. Fun – to have enjoyment and fulfilment in our work
  • 8. Open Culture – We provide equal opportunities to everyone involved.

Uvision Australia

Telephone: (02) 8040 4427

Address: level 2, 383 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Hours: 9.00 to 17.30 hs

Email: info@uvision.com.au

Renovar visa para australia como pareja?

Si tienes pareja desde hace más de un año y puedes demostrar convivencia conjunta por 1 año mínimo podríamos solicitar una renovación de visa como Pareja. No dudes en consultanos por esta opción.

Renovar visa para australia como pareja?

Si tienes pareja desde hace más de un año y puedes demostrar convivencia conjunta por 1 año mínimo podríamos solicitar una renovación de visa como Pareja. No dudes en consultanos por esta opción.

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